About the Chief Organizer

The Chief Organizer of Lady O is Falana Mann-Dixon.  She is a woman of lists and organization.  This has been her way since she was a teenager and it has helped her through the years she was a working mother.  She has also organized numbers in her accounting career.  She is now organizing spaces in others’ homes to help individuals become more productive and less stressed.

 About the Company

Lady O is a professional organizer for your home.  The company’s mission is to bring J.O.Y. – the Journey of Organization to You – to help improve your daily productivity and safeguard your home.   It is easier to get dressed when you can easily find “that one shirt.”  Less food would be wasted when you can see what is in your refrigerator.  It will reduce the times you buy an item from the grocery store and realize later you already had one, or even two, in your pantry.

Lady O is here to help you to de-clutter and organize spaces in your home.  This includes:






You may be downsizing or preparing for a move.  Lady O can help you to eliminate those items you no longer need or use and find new homes for them.

To reduce landfill use, tax deductible donations can be made in your name to local non-profit organizations such as Note in the Pocket, the Durham Rescue Mission, the Green Chair Project or an organization of your choice.  You may even choose to have your discarded items sent to a consignment store for some extra cash!

I would love to help you achieve “JOY” when a space is organized.  Maybe it’s not you who needs these services, it may be a relative or friend.  Please forward our information and website.

To get started, call or email me.